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I help ambitious professionals navigate the inevitable ups and downs of their careers by utilizing their sense of humor and creativity.

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No matter what one’s career path is, we will experience moments of success, and moments of failure. Moments of confidence, and moments of tremendous self-doubt. And when we aren’t able to deal with these challenges in a healthy manner, both our professional and personal lives tend to suffer needlessly. Let me share how I’ve learned to maintain a sense of humor and calm in the face of the inevitable roller coaster ride of life, and how you can do it, too.

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About Ed

Ed Driscoll is an Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer and producer who has worked with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry including Billy Crystal, Morgan Freeman, Joan Rivers, Michael Bublé, Justin Timberlake and Dennis Miller – just to name a few!


From variety shows to sitcoms to movies to live theater, Ed has been a performer, writer, and producer at the highest levels of his field for over 25 years.


Ed has written for shows including "The Academy Awards" (for which he received an Emmy nomination), "Comic Relief", "Stand Up To Cancer", ESPN’s "Espy Awards", "Whose Line Is It Anyway", HBO’s "Dennis Miller Live" (for which he won both an Emmy and Writers Guild Award), ABC’s "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", ABC Family’s "Melissa & Joey", Comedy Central’s "The Showbiz Show with David Spade", TLC’s "I Kid with Brad Garrett", NBC’s "Michael Buble’s Christmas in New York", ABC’s "The Drew Carey Show", along with Netflix’s "Ultimate Beastmaster", "Still Laugh-In" and "The Final Table."


Ed has also written stage material for big acts like Robin Williams, Bob Newhart, Howie Mandel and Louie Anderson.


Ed's Talks

Talk Topics

FUNNY BUSINESS – Using your sense of humor to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of your career

There’s a reason it’s not called “show fun,” it’s called “show business.”


From variety shows to sitcoms to movies to live theater, Driscoll’s been a performer, writer, and producer at the highest levels of his field. Through fascinating, often hilarious “behind the scenes” anecdotes, Ed offers valuable advice on how to overcome obstacles, naysayers, circumstances, and one’s own doubts. Driscoll demonstrates that utilizing one’s sense of humor and creativity are the keys to being successful in any walk of life.


DON’T CRY--- LAUGH! - Surviving (and thriving!) as an artist, in an increasingly cynical world

Anyone in the creative arts, no matter the level, faces challenges that are not typically encountered in other “normal” jobs.


Ed knows this all too well. Whether it’s dealing with the pressures of performing on national TV, the intensity of writing for the Oscars, handling critics, or navigating the egos of superstar actors and studio bosses, Driscoll has learned many lessons firsthand about the hurdles artists face. This funny and upbeat talk is a Master Class on the creative process, and how to maintain one’s artistic vision while also working with others to deliver the best possible results.

SUCCESS & SANITY: YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! – You can be successful at your job, yet still maintain a sense of spirituality and sanity

In this funny and meaningful speech, Driscoll speaks candidly of the ups and downs of his own personal life, as well as sharing the highest highs and lowest lows of his professional life.


Despite the unpredictability everyone faces both at work and at home, Ed offers encouragement and proof that you can be successful, yet still maintain a sense of spirituality and sanity, no matter what is happening around you.



“Ed’s talks not only make you laugh, but they take you on a ride --- from the ups and downs of life, to the challenges of recovery, to the ins and outs of big-time show business.”

Louie Anderson
comedian, author, and Emmy-winning actor  



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